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Are you looking for artificial lawn? Here you go!

What is an artificial lawn? Often known as fake grass or artificial turf, artificial lawn grass is constructed of synthetic fibers that are designed and then produced to mimic the feel and appearance of a natural lawn. Although artificial turf has been used on sports fields for years, it is becoming more common in residential areas. Newer artificial grass is manufactured to feel and look much like natural grass, providing both style and comfort.

Artificial lawn supplies you with lush green grass all-year-around, with many added benefits such as customizing it to your exact standards. Specific colours, lengths and textures are available. Economically it is also quite the budget friendly option, as you do not have to spend time, money, electricity OR water to keep your garden looking pristine!

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We offer a choice of sever colours, styles and heights for you to choose the best fit and most natural look for your specific environment.

No watering.

No watering means a hassle free, beautiful all-year-around lawn. This is an important consideration during the current drought. As if that wasn’t enough; to top it off It saves time, too

No Mowing

Not needing to mow your lawn provides you with more time enjoying your garden, without hours in the sun. This also saves a lot of electricity, which, ultimately, saves you money!

What is it made of?

Quality artificial lawn grass consists of several layers, including backing, cushioning, two or three drainage layers and infill, which is often made from substances like recycled rubber tires or natural cork.


Artificial lawn care

means periodic cleaning, Most dust and debris is easily removed with a blower, flexible garden rake, a broom with stiff bristles or a garden hose.

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Arificial Lawn