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Are you looking for the perfect instant lawn?

Instant Lawn is fully-grown grass, transferred and re-planted in prepared soil.

We supply instant lawn to small and big buyers, for residential or commercial projects. Instant lawn is the way to go if you are a new home owner or developer establishing new gardens. One of the biggest benefits of instant lawn is the ease of it. Growing grass from the seeds up will take much longer to be established, is a lot more temperamental and is dependent on in depth-nurturing.

Insant lawn, however, has already been exposed to the elements and learnt to adapt to its environment. It is a quick process after the soil has been prepared. 

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Types of Instant Lawn

Kikuyu Instant Lawn

Kikuyu is the most widely used variety of instant lawn, as it is a vigorous grower. This lawn Suitable for full sun and is not tolerant to shade. Kikuyu is bright green in colour and offers good recovery from drought. Not only does it have a fast establishment rate; it also suits a wide range of soil types with excellent wearability.

Shade Lawn (Lm)

LM Shade lawn is a proudly indigenous lawn with a bright green colour, coarse leaf texture and a good tolerance of shade. With its fast establishment rate, it suits a wide range of soil types and offers fair wearability. Although this is one of the most popular instant lawns, it is advisable to use it in areas that do not become too cols, as it has a sensitivity to frost.

Compost and topsoil recycles various organic materials to produce an exclusive soil conditioner, leaving your plant growth in an exceptional condition.  Compost is rich in nutrients, offering boost after boost.
Topsoil is made up of organic matter, needed to ensure cycling and is used as the medium for all plant growth.

MyriadGreen can deliver and Install any reasonable quantity of instant lawn in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas.

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Apart from delivering and installing Instant lawn we can also assist with your top soil, lawn dressing, compost or fertilizer requirements

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