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Myriad Green is your one-stop shop for home, commercial and industrial irrigation needs. If you are looking to simply make your gardening needs more convenient with our  automatic smart watering systems, that control your sprinkler system with a timer or if you are looking to raise your watering to professional standards with our range of Popup Sprinklers and Popup Nozzles, We have it all! 

With our wide range of irrigation products, you’ll have everything you need to water your garden and lawn to keep it looking green and healthy all year round. We supply and install Garden Hoses, Gear Drive Sprinklers, Hose Fittings, Hose Storage, Irrigation Controllers, Lawn Sprinklers, Microdrip, Popup Sprinklers, PVC Fittings, Retractable Hose Reels, Spray Guns and Nozzles, Solenoids, Tap Timers and Watering  Cans . View our online shop now, or contact us for your FREE quote.

Types of Irrigation

Access lawn watering sprinklers

Sprinklers are available in a wide range of types and sizes to ensure even water distribution for every conceivable lawn shape or size. Although every lawn is different, we use two main sprinkler layouts – edge watering and centre watering.


Edge watering is a professional irrigation method that places the sprinklers on the perimeter of the lawn, with the sprinklers operating on a 180 degree arc, spraying into the lawn.
This configuration reduces over-spray and provides more even coverage in windy areas.

Centre watering

Center watering keeps costs down by using fewer nozzles, as full circle nozzles are placed down the center of the lawn. However, to ensure reasonable coverage, the sprinkler must be set to spray further than the lawn, resulting in less even watering and more over-spray.

Irrigation Services

To develop an effective lawn irrigation system, you need quality gear-driven pop-up sprinklers which are installed in the lawn using underground pipe-work, making the system invisible when not in use. The sprinkler rises out of the ground when watering commences, and covers the area in rain-like droplets.

Once watering is finished, the sprinkler retracts back into the lawn, allowing you to mow the grass and enjoy your garden, normally and hassle free!

Regular lawn watering is also important in areas of heavy use. Allow the grass to recover even during dry weather. For areas with only shallow soil depths, regular irrigation of lawns is vital, as only a few days of hot, dry weather will deplete the water reserves of the grass.

  • Drip Irrigation Systems.
  • Mini Sprinkler Systems.
  • Lawn Sprinkler Systems.
  • Rain Water Harvesting.
  • Pumping Systems.
  • Filtration Systems.
  • Irrigation Controllers.
  • Domestic and Commercial Irrigation Systems.
  • Office Park Irrigation Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Water Backup and Storage Solutions.
  • Borehole Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Irrigation Maintenance Automation and Conversions.
  • DC Irrigation Systems Timers and Solenoid Valves.
  • Booster Pumps.
  • JoJo Tanks.
  • Borehole Pumps.


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