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Looking to cut down some trees?

Despite best efforts, there are of course occasions when a tree needs to be removed for safety reasons. It may be due to infection or rot or it may be leaning dangerously near to cables, highways or rail track.

Myriad Green has over 10 years’ experience felling trees and will safely complete any tree felling job, regardless of size, location or condition.  We have experience in removing trees in the most extreme circumstances. It is absolutely vital that tree felling is planned very carefully and is undertaken only by qualified professionals using the correct working techniques and the best possible safety equipment to ensure precision cutting and minimal damage to surrounding property and major obstacles in the area (overhead lines, roads and buildings, etc.).  Contact us now for a FREE Quote.

Myriad green also provides tree stump removal, pruning and hedge cutting and trimming services, site clearing services (garden cleanup), and specialty tree cutting services such as  cutting at extreme heights or in situations that requite caution and precision, for example cutting above glass roofs or fragile structures. 

Trimming and Cleanup Services


Fully insured and professional tree felling services from the UK’s largest and most experienced tree surgeons.


We provide cautious and precise cutting of a tree to minimize damage to surrounding property.

Tree stump removal

The process of getting rid of the remaining tree stump including the roots to ensure complete removal of a tree.


 This includes working at extreme heights, or above glass roofs and more.

Site clearing

Need to clean up your yard? sometimes vegetation grows out of control and makes your yard feel small, cluttered and messy. We specialise in removing vegetation and rubble from your site, and can provide you with a scheduled cleanup service.